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Welcome to the Legend of Suikoden! This is a website dedicated to Genso Suikoden, Konami's flagship role-playing game series. This RPG series is loosely based on a well-known Chinese novel (called Suikoden), in which 108 characters had gathered together to defeat a common enemy in China. The Genso Suikoden series uses the concept of a main character leading the other 107 Stars of Destiny against a common foe.

Genso Suikoden first launched in Japan in 1995. It was a cult hit, where it eventually made its way onto two other formats in Japan, which were the Sega Saturn and Microsoft Windows 95 PC. Genso Suikoden first appeared in North America as Suikoden in late 1996 for the Sony Playstation. It was an instant hit among RPG fans in North America, as there were very few RPGs available on the Sony Playstation in North America back then. It featured 108 characters to recruit, a six-character party, castle building, large army battles, red book audio, and a memorable story. Upon finishing Genso Suikoden, fans in Japan and the U.S. demanded for a sequel to Genso Suikoden. Konami of Japan brightly responded and released Genso Suikoden II in Japan in 1998 and North America in September 1999. Genso Suikoden II was considered a success, due to the relatively decent sales in both Japan and in the U.S. As a result, Konami of Japan created two more Genso Suikoden games for the Sony Playstation, known as Genso Suikogaiden: Volume I and Genso Suikogaiden: Volume II. Both of these games differed from the Genso Suikoden games, as they were not RPGs, but text adventure games. Nonetheless, they added a more in depth look into the Genso Suikoden II story line. Unfortunately, both of these games are likely to remain in Japan, as Konami of America has not announced any plans regarding these two games. However, Konami of Japan produced three more sequels to Genso Suikoden, along with a strategy game, for the Sony Playstation 2. Konami of America released these sequels (Suikoden III, Suikoden IV, Suikoden V, and Suikoden Tactics) to the North American market in October 2002, January 2005, March 2006, and November 2005 respectively.

The reason why I created a website dedicated to Genso Suikoden is because I felt that many other popular RPGs were overshadowing the Genso Suikoden series. By creating this website, I felt that more people would be able to learn about the Genso Suikoden RPG series and may be interested in playing these games. Anyhow, please feel free to look around this website and if you have any comments or suggestions about this particular website, please e-mail me or sign the guest book. Any suggestions to improve this website would be helpful. Thank you for visiting the Legend of Suikoden.