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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


* After two years without any updates, the Legend of Suikoden has been vastly updated, with a new, modern look! However, even with this rather large upgrade, do not expect regular updates any time soon, as the web design update is a test run for future web design endeavors. The Legend of Suikoden will be placed under archived status for the time-being.

* As most of you already know, the forums is now called "Y-Corner", as it has become much more than serving as forums for the Legend of Suikoden website. For those that are having trouble finding the old Legend of Suikoden forums section, please navigate to Y-Corner -> Gaming -> RPG Worlds -> Genso Suikoden Series Discussion. For the lazy, here's a direct link:


* The Legend of Suikoden web design has been vastly overhauled and replaced with a newer, modern look.

* The Legend of Suikoden is now hosted by

* The Legend of Suikoden has a new URL: Please update your bookmarks, as the past URLs will no longer be maintained.

* The Suikoden Tactics section has been updated.

* The Suikoden V section has been added.

* The Soundtracks section has been updated with the latest Suikoden soundtrack releases.

* Changed main entrance logo.

* The Bravenet Poll feature has been removed, since it was causing unnecessary pop-ups.

* The Bravenet Guestbook feature has been removed, since it was being spammed consistently by spam bots.