Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden
Ain Gide

Full Name: Ain Gide

Age: 41 Years Old
First Appearance: Fortress of Kwaba



Ain Gide is an Imperial officer of the Scarlet Moon Empire. He is extremely loyal to Emperor Barbarossa and would give up his life in defending the ways of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

McDohl first encountered Ain Gide at the Fortress of Kwaba.  At that time, they were trying to reach Seika, but had to get past the Fortress of Kwaba to reach their destination. Before heading in, everyone made up fake names for themselves.  McDohl chose one of the three names he thought of: Masamune, Piisuke, and Schtolteheim Reinbach IV. However, the guards stopped them and accused them of being rebels. Hearing all the commotion going about, Ain Gide came to the scene to see what was going on. Gremio, upon seeing Ain Gide, pretended to attack and blame the young master for this mess in order to persuade Ain Gide and the guards that they were just travelers going to Seika. Ain Gide first thought that the young master suspiciously looked like General McDohl's son, but quickly dismissed the thought, due to the fact that McDohl would never dress up like a bum. He allowed them to pass through to the Fortress of Kwaba.

After the Liberation Army destroyed the Imperial Army at the Fortress of Kwaba, McDohl and the other Stars of Destiny made their way into Gregminster. Before reaching the Imperial Palace, they ran into Ain Gide on the wooden bridge linking to the palace. Ain Gide remembered McDohl from their first meeting at the Fortress of Kwaba, a long time ago. He stated that he would not allow them to get past him, unless he was defeated. Thus, a battle ensued between Ain Gide and Hero McDohl's entourage. Although Ain Gide put up a good fight, he was defeated in the end. He laid motionless on the wooden bridge, as McDohl and the others moved on into the Imperial Palace.

Appearances: Suikoden