Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Antonio

Age: 36 Years Old
Location: Seika
Star Designation: Chisyu Star
Group: Cooks [Antonio, Lester, Rock]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to Marie three times and she will mention that she needs a cook for the inn. Talk to Antonio at the inn in Seika and he will join the Liberation Army.



Antonio is a wandering cook who is always looking for an occupation to maximize his cooking abilities. Although his cooking is not well-known, he hopes his cooking skills will someday make him famous.

When McDohl realized that Marie needed a cook to help her at her inn within Toran Castle, he remembered that there was a wandering cook residing in Seika. He journeyed to Seika and asked Antonio to help Marie at her new inn. Delighted by this request, Antonio immediately agreed and headed towards Toran Castle. His cooking skills has somewhat helped out the Liberation Army in the time of battle.

ANTONIO Attack Range: M
Milk Pan Frying Pan Ceramic Pan
Level 2: 14
Level 9: 67
Level 14: 130
Level 3: 18
Level 10: 77
Level 15: 150
Level 4: 23
Level 11: 86
Level 16: 170
Level 5: 28
Level 12: 95
Level 6: 32
Level 13: 106
Level 7: 37
Level 8: 42
Quote: "I shall cook something that will give everyone power! I'm fighting too."
Last Words: "It's time to say goodbye."
Destiny: "Still the cook at Marie's inn."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II