Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Apple

Age: 15 Years Old
Location: Seika
Star Designation: Chifuku Star
Group: Strategists [Mathiu, Leon, Apple]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to Apple at Mathiu's house in Seika after defeating Kwanda Rosman.



Apple is a young woman who was studying the art of stategy under the tutelage of Mathiu Silverburg, an expert strategist for the Liberation Army. She is a strong supporter of Mathiu's battle strategies for the Liberation Army and rarely has second thoughts about them.

At first, Apple had no intended plans of joining the Liberation Army. She journeyed to Seika to find Mathiu Silverburg, in order to continue her training under his tutelage. However, when she found out that Mathiu was not home and had joined the Liberation Army, she was disappointed.

While Apple was waiting at Mathiu's home in Seika, McDohl went to the residence of Mathiu. When the young master was talking to Apple, he had told her that Mathiu was currently the main strategist for the Liberation Army. Seeing that the young master was the leader of the Liberation Army, she reluctantly joins in order to continue her studying under Mathiu. She held a light grudge against the young master for recruiting Mathiu, even after when she joined the Liberation Army. With her extra knowledge as an strategist, her insights proved to be somewhat helpful to the Liberation Army.

Quote: "I suppose master Mathiu is right, as he is about everything. But I still can't forgive you."
Destiny: "Goes off to collect material for a biography of Mathiu."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II, Suikoden III