Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Camille

Age: 18 Years Old
Location: Kaku
Star Designation: Tenyu Star
Group: Soldier Beauties [Sonya, Cleo, Camille]

Unite Attack: Pretty Girl Attack [Camille, Kasumi, Tengaar]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to Camille at the bar in Kaku and she will join your entourage after she accuses Gremio that he owes her money.



Camille is the type of woman who has a lot of demands. Although her demands may seem threatening to some, she does not really retaliate and usually forgets her demands in a long period of time. Some may find her a bit annoying, due to her constant demands.

Unlike many other Stars of Destiny, Camille joined the Liberation Army for entirely different reasons. She joined the Liberation Army to keep a contact on Gremio, who she believed that he owed her money.

McDohl and the group first met Camille at a bar in Kaku while they were searching for transportation to Toran Castle. As Camille was drinking in the bar, she noticed that Gremio was part of the young master's group. Seeing this, she went directly up to Gremio and demanded that he owed her a reasonable sum of money. At first, Gremio thought that she was talking to the wrong person. However, when she showed him the bill, he found out that he owed a substantial amount of money for a party that he had previously attended. Because Gremio could not afford to pay the bill at that time, he told Camille that he would eventually pay her later. Believing that Gremio was lying, she joined the group to make sure that he would pay her in the end. With Camille's lancing abilities, she was useful during the major battles against the Scarlet Moon Empire.

CAMILLE Attack Range: M
Galm Fenril Loki
Level 4: 19
Level 5: 27
Level 11: 88
Level 6: 33
Level 12: 97
Level 7: 40
Level 13: 107
Level 8: 47
Level 14: 119
Level 9: 56
Level 15: 136
Level 10: 66
Level 16: 150
Quote: "Under the circumstances, I'll have to stick with you until the end."
Destiny: "Became the lancing instructor of the Republican Army."
Appearances: Suikoden