Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Chandler

Age: 33 Years Old
Location: Fortress of Kwaba
Star Designation: Chikou Star
Group: Merchants [Kun To, Chapman, Chandler]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to Chandler at the Fortress of Kwaba after Toran Castle has been made the headquarters of the Liberation Army.



Chandler is a wandering merchant who desires who open up his own item store. Not being able to find a place to open his store, he wandered aimlessly and is stopped at the Fortress of Kwaba, where he was refused passage to go on to Gregminster. Having no clue what to do, Chandler leaned upon the brick wall of the Fortress of Kwaba, thinking what to do next.

McDohl, having recently acquired Toran Castle as the Liberation Army's headquarters, was looking around the same region for more recruits for the Liberation Army. Returning to the Fortress of Kwaba, he noticed Chandler leaning upon the wall, looking glum. He talked to Chandler and found out that he was a wandering merchant looking to open up his own item shop. Since Toran Castle did not have an item shop of its own, McDohl asked Chandler if he would be interested in joining the Liberation Army. Chandler gladly accepted his proposition and went to Toran Castle to open up his new item shop.

Chandler's item shop was a great asset to the Liberation Army, as they could purchase items they needed at any time. Over time, the number of products in Chandler's item shop increased as McDohl explored different towns across the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Quote: "Welcome to the hardware store. I always wanted to say that."
Destiny: "Finally succeeds in opening his own store."
Appearances: Suikoden