Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Fuma

Age: 28 Years Old
Location: Fortress of the Dragon Knights
Star Designation: Chikou Star
Group: Ninjas [Kage, Kasumi, Fuma]

Unite Attack: Ninja Attack [Fuma, Kage, Kasumi]

Recruiting Conditions: Fuma is hiding behind the right side of the Fortress of the Dragon Knights. Talk to him and he will join the Liberation Army.



Fuma is a ninja who has great skills in the use of ninja weapons. He can be a little dense though, due to the fact that he thinks it is very hard for people to discover his hiding places. Nonetheless, he is very agile and useful to the Liberation Army, especially during major battles.

Fuma was hiding at the Fortress of the Dragon Knights for unknown reasons. When McDohl found out that he was hiding behind the fortress, Fuma was very surprised to see that he had been discovered. Seeing that the young master had found him so easily, he volunteered to join the Liberation Army.

FUMA Attack Range: L
Ultra Shuriken
Level 11: 78
Level 12: 89
Level 13: 99
Level 14: 113
Level 15: 128
Level 16: 150
Quote: "........Oh, excuse me. I'm practicing my disappearing technique........."
Destiny: "Invited to Rokkaku."
Appearances: Suikoden