Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Gon

Age: 18 Kobold Years Old
Location: Kobold Village
Star Designation: Chikaku Star
Group: Kobolds [Fu Su Lu, Kuromimi, Gon]

Unite Attacks:
Kobold Attack [Kuromimi, Gon]
Kobold +1 Attack [Kuromimi, Gon, Fu Su Lu]

Recruiting Conditions: Bring Kuromimi in your party and talk to Gon in the southern house of Kobold Village. He will join upon seeing Kuromimi in your party.



Gon is the brother of Kuromimi, who quietly resides in Kobold Village. Although not as strong as his brother Kuromimi, Gon is an well-trained warrior and is able to protect Kobold Village when it is under attack.

After Kuromimi joined the Liberation Army, McDohl found this kobold residing peacefully in Kobold Village. He found out that this kobold, named Gon, was the brother of Kuromimi and seemed like an good person to join the Liberation Army. McDohl then went to bring Kuromimi to convince Gon to join the Liberation Army. When Gon saw that Kuromimi had joined the Liberation Army, he decided to join the Liberation Army as well.

GON Attack Range: S
Cool Sword Very Neat Sword
Level 7: 33
Level 13: 102
Level 8: 40
Level 14: 115
Level 9: 48
Level 15: 134
Level 10: 59
Level 16: 150
Level 11: 70
Level 12: 80
Quote: "I'm gonna be a great warrior, just like Kuromimi."
Destiny: "Working hard to become the No. 1 warrior in Kobold."
Appearances: Suikoden