Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Gremio

Age: 27 Years Old
Location: Gregminster
Star Designation: Tenki Star
Group: Commander's Team [McDohl, Pahn, Gremio]
Unite Attack: Talisman Attack [Gremio, Pahn]

Recruiting Conditions: Gremio automatically joins your entourage in Gregminster at the beginning of the game.



Gremio is a loyal companion that has raised McDohl since birth. He often worries about the young master, giving him much stress at certain times. As an experienced cook with a specialty in making stews, the taste of Gremio's cooking never fails to impress anyone.

Gremio joined the entourage when the young master began his first mission for the Scarlet Moon Empire as an deliverer. He consistently stayed with the young master, even when his entourage had to flee from Gregminster. Eventually, when the young master became the leader of the Liberation Army, Gremio essentially became the young master's personal bodyguard.

Later, when the young master traveled to the Soniere prison to free Liukan, the group was caught in a trap set by Milich Oppenheimer. Milich trapped the group within a room and threw a vile of "Spores of Agony" onto the floor and locked the door to the room. In a desperate situation, Gremio flipped the switch along the wall, which opened the locked door. However, knowing that the switch can be activated within the trapped room, he forced the rest of the group out of the room and trapped himself along with the man-eating spores. The young master tried to persuade Gremio to open the door, but failed nonetheless. Gremio was eaten alive by the man-eating spores. All that remained was his copper axe and his clothes.

However, on the night before the final battle against the Scarlet Moon Empire, Leknaat appeared before the Stars of Destiny. Seeing that all of the stars had been united, except for Gremio, she resurrected Gremio, thus uniting all 108 Stars of Destiny.

GREMIO Attack Range: M
Axe Copper Axe  Axe of the Oath
Level 1: 9
Level 9: 67
Level 14: 130
Level 2: 14
Level 10: 77
Level 15: 150
Level 3: 18
Level 11: 86
Level 16: 170
Level 4: 23
Level 12: 95
Level 5: 28
Level 13: 106
Level 6: 32
Level 7: 37
Level 8: 42
Quote: "Oh, Young Master. What Happened?"
Destiny: "Follows Hero."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II