Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Grenseal

Age: 24 Years Old
Location: Toran Castle
Star Designation: Chiki Star
Group: Humphrey's Team [Humphery, Alen, Grenseal]
Unite Attack: Pretty Boy Attack [Alen, Flik, Grenseal]

Recruiting Conditions: Grenseal will automatically join the Liberation Army after you defeat Teo McDohl in a duel.



Grenseal is a strong young man who is loyal to those who lead him and other troops into battle. He is often quiet, but he follows orders without question. He is also specialized with the use of the Lightning Rune and his trusty Lightning Sword.

Grenseal was a co-commander of Teo McDohl's battalion, along with Alen. When Teo McDohl invaded the Liberation Army's headquarters at Toran Castle, it seemed that Teo McDohl's battalion would win. However, the tables turned when the Liberation Army began to use the powerful Fire Spears against Teo McDohl's battalion.

Seeing the losses he was facing, Teo McDohl challenged his own son, Hero McDohl, in a duel. Alen and Grenseal voiced their opposition to this challenge, but they were ignored. Teo McDohl eventually lost the match against his own son. As he was lying on the ground, facing death, he ordered to Alen and Grenseal to help his son's resistance movement against the Scarlet Moon Empire. Alen and Grenseal were opposed with the Liberation Army, but reluctantly agreed in order to fulfill Teo McDohl's last wishes.

GRENSEAL Attack Range: S
Lightning Sword True Lightning Sword
Level 7: 33
Level 13: 102
Level 8: 40
Level 14: 115
Level 9: 48
Level 15: 134
Level 10: 59
Level 16: 150
Level 11: 70
Level 12: 80
Quote: "Like Alen, I join you too."
Last Words: "Too passionate, I guess."
Destiny: "Appointed co-commander of the Republican Guard."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II