Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Hanzo

Age: 37 Years Old
First Appearance: Fortress of Kwaba


An enthusiastic person, Hanzo is the leader of the ninjas at Rokkaku. The ninjas at Rokkaku did not like the Scarlet Moon Empire, so they actively opposed them, along with the Liberation Army. However, the Imperials soon found out about their dissatisfaction, so they burned down their hideout at Rokkaku.

Kasumi, a ninja under Hanzo's command, fled to Toran Castle to seek the help of the Liberation Army. Later, after the battle at the Fortress of Kwaba, Hanzo revealed himself to McDohl, stating that he and the other ninjas under his command were in hiding after the destruction of Rokkaku. Seeing that Hanzo was still alive, Kasumi felt a sense of relief. After the brief meeting, McDohl and the Liberation Army headed towards Gregminster where the final battle was to occur. 


Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II