Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Jabba

Age: 60 Years Old
Location: Rikon
Star Designation: Chieei Star
Group: Tricksters [Juppo, Jabba, Meg]

Recruiting Conditions: Bring a "Nameless Urn" to Jabba at the appraisal shop in Rikon. "Nameless Urn" is randomly dropped by Hollies in the surrounding area.



Jabba is an appraiser, a person who specializes in identifying unknown items. Apparently, he is such an excellent appraiser that he claims that he can appraise any item.

McDohl first met Jabba while traveling through Rikon. He had heard that Jabba was known for appraising nearly any item in the world. Intrigued by this fact, the young hero asked Jabba to join the Liberation Army. Jabba responded by stating that he would only join if the young hero would bring him an item that he could not appraise.

After hearing this, the young hero was troubled about what to bring to him until he later learned that Jabba could not appraise a "Nameless Urn." He remembered that he had taken an "Nameless Urn" from an Holly he had defeated earlier. When he brought this item to Jabba, he was perplexed about the identity of this mysterious item. Finally, he gave up and told the young hero that he would join the Liberation Army. Jabba then departed off to set up an appraisal shop within Toran Castle. His ability to appraise items has helped the Liberation Army identify unknown items retrieved from enemies.

Quote: "Yes? I can appraise anything."
Destiny: "Placed in charge of the Republic's finances."
Appearances: Suikoden