Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Kanaan

Age: 33 Years Old
First Appearance: Gregminster


Kanaan is a corrupt, high-ranking Imperial officer in the Scarlet Moon Empire. He is known to be very selfish and greedy, as he likes to take advantage of situations, particularly when it comes to money.

Kanaan was ordered by Commander Kraze to supervise McDohl's party during their mission to get rid of the bandits that were tormenting the Imperial troops in Rockland. When they reached Rockland, Kanaan and McDohl's party immediately went to see Grady, another corrupt Imperial officer who runs the tax-collecting activities in Rockland. Grady gave the group a briefing about the recent raids conducted by the bandits of Mount Seifu and asked them to capture the bandits. McDohl agreed and went to Mount Seifu with Gremio, Cleo, Pahn, Ted and Kanaan.

At Mount Seifu, the party encountered a powerful Queen Ant, which proved to be too powerful for the party. Ted then used a powerful, unknown rune, resulting in the downfall of the Queen Ant. After the battle, everyone looked at Ted with awe, since they did not know Ted had such power. Kanaan, in particular, became suspicious of Ted and wondered if the mysterious rune that Ted was carrying was the powerful Soul Eater Rune that Windy, the court magician, was desperately looking for. Shortly after that, the party fought and captured the leaders of the bandits, Varkas and Syndonia, at the bandits' fort on top of Mount Seifu. They went directly back to Grady in Rockland to turn the two criminals over to his authority. As a reward, Grady gave the party 10,000 bits for their effort, but Kanaan accepted the money reward for himself, rather than sharing it with the others.

When McDohl's group came back to Gregminster, Kanaan asked Ted to follow him to the Imperial Palace, while McDohl, Gremio, Cleo and Pahn decided to head back to the McDohl mansion. At the Imperial Palace, Kanaan told Windy about Ted's powerful, yet mysterious rune and brought him to meet Windy. Windy immediately demanded for Ted to hand over the Soul Eater Rune, but he refused. A fight ensued between Windy and Ted, but Ted ended up being seriously wounded. He eventually escaped from the Imperial Palace and fled towards the McDohl mansion.

Later, when the Liberation Army encountered the Imperial Army at the Fortress of Kwaba, Kanaan was serving as an army advisor to Yuber, who was leading the Imperial Army in the area. The Liberation Army was outnumbered, as the Imperial Army consisted of 100,000 troops. However, with the help of Leknaat and Joshua, the Liberation Army was able to defeat the Imperial Army. Yuber and Kanaan immediately fled after seeing that their army had lost the battle. Shortly after the battle, the Liberation Army made its way towards Gregminster, where the final battle was to take place.

Appearances: Suikoden