Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Lester

Age: 39 Years Old
Location: Kirov
Star Designation: Chizou Star
Group: Cooks [Antonio, Lester, Rock]

Recruiting Conditions: Go into both of the empty houses in Kirov and taste each of the brewing stew. After doing so, go to Kun To's house and talk to Lester. He will then join the Liberation Army.



Lester is a cook who specializes in creating the best type of stew. Though he is currently employed under the merchant named Kun To, he hopes to open up his own restaurant some day.

During the McDohl's trip in the town of Kirov, he visited all the homes and stores to see if anyone had useful information. Eventually, he came upon an unlocked, empty house. Seeing that no one was home, the young master decided to enter the house and look for anything of interest. After looking around for awhile, he soon became hungry. Seeing that a stew was brewing in the back of the house, he decided to have a taste. After sampling the stew, he left the house and resumed his visit of the rest of the houses in Kirov.

McDohl next went to the house just east of the empty house. When he came to this particular house, it was unlocked and empty, just like the previous house he had just entered. He decided to enter the house to see if anything of interest was present. He found nothing, except a stew was brewing within this house as well. He decided to taste this stew as well. After looking around the house and sampling the stew, he decided to head over to Kun To's house.

When McDohl entered Kun To's home, he noticed that there was a cook in the house, along with Kun To himself. This cook was Lester, Kun To's personal cook. While talking to McDohl, Lester revealed that the two stews brewing within the two empty homes were prepared by himself and knew that the young master had tasted them both. Seeing that McDohl had found his stews to be delicious, he offered to join the Liberation Army. McDohl accepted his offer and Lester went off towards Toran Castle to make his specialized stews for the Liberation Army.

LESTER Attack Range: M
Pan Pot Wok
Level 3: 18
Level 9: 67
Level 14: 130
Level 4: 23
Level 10: 77
Level 15: 150
Level 5: 28
Level 11: 86
Level 16: 170
Level 6: 32
Level 12: 95
Level 7: 37
Level 13: 106
Level 8: 42
Quote: "Care to taste my stew?"
Last Words: "Ahhhhh!"
Destiny: "Opens a restaurant specializing in stews."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II