Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Lorelai

Age: 25 Years Old
Location: Kouan
Star Designation: Chikatsu Star
Group: Adventurers [Lorelai, Quincy, Mina]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to Lorelai at the inn in Kouan after Hero McDohl has attained Level 25 or higher.



Lorelai is an adventurer who is always looking to get into some kind of action. Although strong, she can tends to look down on others that she deems inferior to herself.

McDohl first saw this strong woman in the inn at Kouan. She looked like a promising candidate, so the young master asked her to join the Liberation Army. Lorelai checked out the young master and flatly refused, saying that he was too weak. Later on, when McDohl became stronger, he tried to recruit Lorelai again. This time, Lorelai decided to join because McDohl had become stronger and was able to fight for himself.

Although not a social person, Lorelai was always there to offer her skills to the Liberation Army. As time passed, Lorelai's archery skills were particularly useful to the Liberation Army, especially during many army battles against the Scarlet Moon Empire.

LORELAI Attack Range: L
Short Bow Silver Bow Magic Bow
Level 5: 18
Level 7: 42
Level 13: 105
Level 6: 35
Level 8: 48
Level 14: 117
Level 9: 54
Level 15: 132
Level 10: 63
Level 16: 155
Level 11: 70
Level 12: 81
Quote: "My journey doesn't end here. It's purpose is to... Forget it. No use explaining it."
Last Words: "My journey has come to an end!"
Destiny: "Sets off to another land to find another adventure."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II, Suikoden V