Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Lotte

Age: 15 Years Old
Location: Rikon
Star Designation: Chiku Star
Group: Children of the Runes [Crowley, Luc, Lotte]

Recruiting Conditions: Recruit at least 45 Stars of Destiny and talk to Lotte at the inn in Rikon. She will ask you to find her cat, named Mina. Mina is the cat that is running around in Kaku. Catch the cat and deliver it to Lotte. She will then join the Liberation Army.



Lotte is a strong magician, but tends to misplace things. She offers the Liberation Army a significant magical advantage during major battles and is experienced in using a wide range of Runes. Her very presence raises the bar for powerful magical abilities within the Liberation Army.

While staying at the Rikon Inn, Lotte's cat, Mina, ran away from her owner for unknown reasons. Becoming worried, she began to ask people if they had seen a stray cat walking around. When McDohl met her while stopping by at the Rikon Inn, he remembered that he had seen a stray cat walking around in Kaku. He told Lotte this important news after remembering this memory. Sensing that McDohl had already recruited 45 Stars of Destiny, she asked him to go to Kaku and retrieve Mina for her.

When McDohl arrived in Kaku, he prepared to catch the cat. However, catching the cat was not an easy task. The cat outran the young master when he tried to catch it by conventional means. After deciding that running after the cat was useless, the young master thought of a way to catch the cat: cornering the cat against a wall and a building. After numerous trials, he finally caught Mina. The young master went back to the Rikon Inn where he returned Mina to Lotte. In reward for returning Mina, Lotte decided to join the Liberation Army to lend her magical powers. However, upon entering Toran Castle, Mina ran away from Lotte again.

LOTTE Attack Range: S
Silver Rod Moon Rod Star Rod
Level 4: 10
Level 7: 28
Level 11: 60
Level 5: 13
Level 8: 33
Level 12: 70
Level 6: 17
Level 9: 38
Level 13: 85
Level 10: 44
Level 14: 100
Level 15: 114
Level 16: 130
Quote: "Uh oh, Mina's disappeared again."
Last Words: "Ouch! It hurts!"
Destiny: "Lives in a small house with Mina the cat."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II