Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Marie

Age: 39 Years Old
Location: Seika
Star Designation: Chiin Star
Group: Good Buddies [Marie, Onil, Sansuke]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to Marie at the inn in Seika after Toran Castle has been made the headquarters of the Liberation Army.



Marie is the owner of the inn in Gregminster. A kind woman, she offers her hand out to known people when they are in some sort of trouble.

Marie gave shelter to McDohl, Gremio, and Cleo after they fled the McDohl mansion and were wanted by the Imperial Army. She hid them in a room on the top floor of her inn. Later, after McDohl's group had left Greminster, the Imperials had discovered that Marie hid the wanted McDohl from Imperial soldiers. She was kicked out of Gregminster, so she decided to flee to Seika.

McDohl met up with Marie again in Seika after establishing a new headquarters at Toran Castle. She told the young McDohl what had happened to her after they had left her inn. After hearing her story, McDohl told her that he had a new headquarters at Toran Castle. She immediately went to Toran Castle to set up an inn for the Liberation Army.

Marie's inn establishment at Toran Castle greatly helped out the Liberation Army. Even though she charged 30 bits per person, it allowed McDohl and the others to recover their health and rest when they needed it.

Quote: "You must be tired. Get plenty of rest."
Destiny: "Reopens her inn at Gregminster."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II