Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Meg

Age: 13 Years Old
Location: Kaku
Star Designation: Chikei Star
Group: Tricksters [Juppo, Jabba, Meg]

Unite Attack: Trick Attack [Juppo, Meg]

Recruiting Conditions: Bring Juppo in your party and talk to Meg in Kaku. She will join after begging Juppo to teach her some of his tricks.



Meg is a young, mischievous girl who has become interested in the techniques of tricks, under the influence of her uncle, Juppo. Although very young, her knowledge of tricks and ability to use the Trick Rune make her somewhat a formidable opponent against enemies who underestimate her because of her age.

While the Liberation Army was still building up its forces, young Meg ran away from her home in Lenankamp, making her parents worry a lot. She was searching for Juppo, who was her infamous "trickster" uncle. Meg was determined to learn more trick techniques from him in order to fulfill her interest.

When Meg was searching in Kaku, McDohl had noticed this young girl. He asked her what she was looking for and she responded that she was searching for her Uncle Juppo. McDohl immediately recognized the name, as he had recruited Juppo to the Liberation Army earlier. McDohl went back to Toran Castle to retrieve Juppo and returned to Kaku with him in his entourage. When Meg saw Juppo in McDohl's group, she immediately went to him and demanded to go along with him in order to retrieve his tutelage. Although Juppo refused at first, he reluctantly allowed her to go with him, thus allowing her recruitment into the Liberation Army.

MEG Attack Range: L
Assassin's Dagger Silver Dagger
Level 6: 31
Level 10: 69
Level 7: 35
Level 11: 78
Level 8: 39
Level 12: 89
Level 9: 45
Level 13: 99
Level 14: 113
Level 15: 128
Level 16: 150
Quote: "Old Juppo's so stingy. He won't teach me a thing."
Last Words: "Wha? no... no... no..."
Destiny: "Leaves home saying 'adventure calls'."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II, Genso Suikogaiden - Vol. 2