Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Mina

Age: 14 Years Old
Location: Antei
Star Designation: Chiin Star
Group: Adventurers [Lorelai, Quincy, Mina]

Recruiting Conditions: Equip "Toe Shoes" on McDohl and talk to Mina at the inn in Antei. Accept her offer to dance and she will join after the dancing has ceased.



Mina is a great dancer who can really put up a great show. She can be considered somewhat a morale booster for the Liberation Army, especially her male audiences.

McDohl recruited this young lady while journeying through the town of Antei. Mina accepted his recruitment proposal, but only on one condition: he had to dance properly with Mina. Because McDohl was not wearing proper dancing shoes, she didn't want to dance with him. However, this problem was quickly solved when McDohl equipped "Toe Shoes" to properly dance. As the young master and Mina danced, the audience was clapping along to the upbeat, dance song. After seeing that McDohl could dance properly, she joined the Liberation Army.

MINA Attack Range: S
Lovely Shawl Sexy Shawl
Level 6: 25
Level 12: 91
Level 7: 32
Level 13: 103
Level 8: 39
Level 14: 117
Level 9: 47
Level 15: 136
Level 10: 57
Level 16: 158
Level 11: 68
Quote: "Do you want to see me dance again?"
Last Words: "This is my last dance."
Destiny: "Becomes the most popular dancer in the Republic."
Appearances: Suikoden