Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Pahn

Age: 29 Years Old
Location: Gregminster / Kouan
Star Designation: Tentai Star
Group: Commander's Team [Hero McDohl, Gremio, Pahn]

Unite Attacks:
Martial Arts Attack [Eikei, Morgan, Pahn]
Talisman Attack [Gremio, Pahn]

Recruiting Conditions: Pahn automatically joins the entourage in Gregminster at the beginning of the game. To re-enlist him later in the game, forgive Pahn for his betrayal after Eileen has been rescued.



Pahn is a servent and a protector of the McDohl household. He is highly skilled in the martial arts and is a valuable asset to the group. Besides being a highly skilled martial artist, he is also an heavy eater, as seen from reading his daily diary entries.

Pahn joined McDohl's group when McDohl began his first assignment given to him by Commander Kraze. Shortly after the success of the first assignment, Ted was discovered at the entrance of the McDohl mansion and was badly injured. Everyone in the mansion carried him to Cleo's bed. While in bed, Ted revealed to McDohl about what went on at the palace and that he had to flee from the Imperial troops. Overhearing this, Pahn left the mansion, saying that he was going to "go buy some medicine." However, he went to inform the Imperial troops that Ted was at the McDohl mansion. This action led to a confrontation with the Imperial troops, forcing the young master, Cleo and Gremio to flee from Gregminster. Pahn had stated that he done this in order to remain loyal to Teo McDohl and protect the household.

Later, when the young master and Lepant were battling with Imperial troops to free Eileen, it was revealed that Pahn was working directly under Commander Kraze. When Commander Kraze ordered Pahn to attack the young master and Lepant, he refused and attacked Commander Kraze instead, freeing Eileen from his threatening grasps. After McDohl made the decision to kill/let go Commander Kraze, he forgave Pahn for his betrayal and allowed him to join the Liberation Army.

During Teo McDohl's invasion of Toran Castle, the Liberation Army's forces were outnumbered. In the process of fleeing, Pahn decided to stay behind to prevent the enemy from catching up with the young master, Gremio and Cleo. In doing this, he confronted Teo McDohl in a duel battle. Although it was a very difficult duel, Pahn eventually defeated Teo McDohl, who in return, allowed him to escape with his life intact.

PAHN Attack Range: S
Claws Super Claws Ultra Claws
Level 1: 6
Level 8: 46
Level 16: 170
Level 2: 8
Level 9: 55
Level 3: 10
Level 10: 64
Level 4: 13
Level 11: 75
Level 5: 17
Level 12: 86
Level 6: 22
Level 13: 95
Level 7: 28
Level 14: 110
Level 15: 130
Quote: "Where's my food?"
Destiny: "Enbark on a journey to improve his imperfect self."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II