Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Qlon

Age: 10 Years Old
Location: Antei
Star Designation: Chiken Star
Group: Knights' Party [Maxmillion, Sancho, Qlon]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to Qlon in Antei after defeating Milich Oppenheimer.



Qlon is a young boy that specializes in the art of stating the name of locations. Although young and inexperienced, his only concerns are about the name of locations being changed to rather silly names.

Qlon joined the Liberation Army after McDohl's forces freed Antei from Milich Oppenheimer's grasp. He was rather happy that his city was renamed Antei again. He thought Milich Oppenheimer's changed name of Antei, Bier Blanche, was a silly name. In gratitude, Qlon headed off to Toran Castle to make use of his special skill of stating location names for the Liberation Army. He contributed very little to the war efforts of the Liberation Army.

Quote: "This is Toran Castle. I feel so good."
Destiny: "Gladly accepts an offer to become keeper of Toran Castle."
Appearances: Suikoden