Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Rock

Age: 27 Years Old
Location: Kouan
Star Designation: Chisou Star
Group: Cooks [Antonio, Lester, Rock]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to him while inside Lepant's home.



Rock is a warehouse guard under the employment of Lepant, who is guarding the treasures of the Lepant family from thieves. He secretly desires to create the perfect vault, in which no one can infiltrate.

When McDohl, Viktor, Cleo, and the others infiltrated Lepant's mansion, they encountered Rock along the way. Rock told the young master that he was weary of managing of Lepant's vault and wished to protect and manage a larger vault. McDohl then offered him to join the Liberation Army and manage a vault for them. Excited from the proposal, Rock accepted his offer and went off to Toran Castle to manage a vault for the Liberation Army.

In time, McDohl found many different types of items during his journeys around the Scarlet Moon Empire. Rock's vault proved to be useful, as it provided the needed space to hold many of the items, weapons, and armor that McDohl found throughout his journeys.

Quote: "Do you have business in my vault?"
Destiny: "Asked to design a giant safe for dwarves, he sets to work."
Appearances: Suikoden