Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Sansuke

Age: 24 Years Old
Location: Great Forest
Star Designation: Chiretsu Star
Group: Good Buddies [Marie, Onil, Sansuke]

Unite Attacks: Carpenter Attack [Gen, Sansuke]

Recruiting Conditions: Talk to Sansuke at the western house in Great Forest after Toran Castle has been made the headquarters for the Liberation Army.



Sansuke is a man who considers himself to be an expert on baths. The young master met this "bath-expert" in the Great Forest village. When he told Sansuke that he had recently aquired Toran Castle as the headquarters for the Liberation Army, Sansuke was interested in joining. Apparently, Sansuke did not have a place to create his "bath masterpiece," so he was delighted when he heard that Toran Castle did not have a bathing area. He immediately went to Toran Castle to build a bathing area for the Liberation Army.

Although Sansuke wasn't particularly useful as a participant of the Liberation Army, his creation of the bathing area within Toran Castle allowed other members of the Liberation Army to cleanse themselves of the dirtiness of war.

SANSUKE Attack Range: S
Long Saw Giant Saw
Level 5: 22
Level 12: 93
Level 6: 27
Level 13: 105
Level 7: 34
Level 14: 119
Level 8: 41
Level 15: 138
Level 9: 49
Level 16: 160
Level 10: 59
Level 11: 70
Quote: "What's happening? Want to take a bath? You'll feel refreshed."
Destiny: "Keeping busy designing new bathtubs."
Appearances: Suikoden