Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Taggart

Age: 27 Years Old
Location: Toran Castle
Star Designation: Chima Star
Group: Viktor's Team [Viktor, Warren, Taggart]

Recruiting Conditions: Taggart will automatically join the Liberation Army at Toran Castle after the Northern Checkpoint has been taken over by the Liberation Army.



Taggart is a loyal servant of Warren, a high-class man highly discontented with the Scarlet Moon Empire. He is very good at delivering messages for his master.

Taggart arrived at Toran Castle after the Liberation Army took over the Northern Checkpoint. He came to deliver important news about his master to McDohl. He had stated that his master, Warren, was imprisoned within Moravia Castle for being accused of supporting the Liberation Army and asked McDohl to rescue him. Upon hearing this, McDohl and a small group infiltrated Moravia Castle and rescued Warren from his cell.

Quote: "Hi there."
Last Words: "Master Warren, I'm sorry..."
Destiny: "Becomes assistant to Warren."
Appearances: Suikoden