Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Viki

Age: 16 Years Old
Location: Great Forest
Star Designation: Chitatsu Star
Group: Magicians [Jeane, Hellion, Viki]

Recruiting Conditions: Viki automatically appears in front of you while traveling through the Great Forest. She will join the Liberation Army if you accept her offer to join.



Viki is a naive woman who can use the power of teleportation to teleport herself and others to any location in the world. She can be a little bit out of her mind at times, which can result in an accidental transportation to an unknown location.

McDohl first met her while traveling through the Great Forest. As the young master was making his way out of the forest, Viki instantaneously appeared out of mid-air in front of him. While she was unsure of her current surroundings, the young master offered her to join the Liberation Army. She accepted his offer and immediately teleported to Toran Castle. Her ablilities to teleport people to destinations was extremely greatful to the Liberation Army, as it cut down on the traveling time for the young master's group.

Quote: "Uh oh, I've forgotten the spell again. Oh well."
Destiny: "Failed at teleportation, she disapears without a trace."
Appearances: Suikoden, Suikoden II, Suikoden III, Suikoden IV, Suikoden V