Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Window

Age: 24 Years Old
Location: Warrior's Village
Star Designation: Chisu Star
Group: Musicians [Kasios, Melodye, Window]

Recruiting Conditions: Bring a "Window Crystal" to Window at the item shop in Warrior's Village. The "Window Crystal" can be found somewhere within the Cave of the Past.



Window is a man who desires to create stain-glass windows for a living. Living in Warrior's Village most of his life, he was consistently pressured to become a warrior, rather than becoming a window maker. Noneless, Window held on to his passion for making stained windows.

When McDohl first visited Warrior's Village, he met Window at the item shop. Window had told the young master that he had a passion to create stain-glass windows, but could not do so because the Window Rune was needed to create such type of window. McDohl did not have any runes of that kind, so he could not help Window achieve his desires.

Later, when the entourage was journeying through the Cave of the Past, McDohl found a "Window Crystal" within a chest that he had discovered in a hidden passage. Remembering that Window needed a "Window Crystal", he kept that in mind and continued through the cave. After finding the Star Dragon Sword and returning to Warrior's Village, McDohl gave the "Window Crystal" to Window. Seeing that he now had the ability to create stain-glass windows, Window thanked the young master and joined the Liberation Army as a result.

Throughout time, McDohl found Window Sets during many of his journeys. He brought these Window Sets to Window so that he could create unique-looking display windows. Although Window had a unique talent, it contributed very little to the Liberation Army's war efforts.

Quote: "Ummm, ahh, oh yes, Master Hero wasn't it? What can I do for you?"
Destiny: "Accepts an offer to design stain-glass windows."
Appearances: Suikoden