Suikoden   Legend of Suikoden

Full Name: Zen

Age: 37 Years Old
Location: Qlon
Star Designation: Chikei Star
Group: Fellows [Blackman, Zen, Ivanov]

Recruiting Conditions: Bring a "Blue Flower Seed", "Red Flower Seed", and "Yellow Flower Seed" to Zen in Qlon. Each of the seeds can be found at the item stores in Rikon, Teien, and Warrior's Village respectively.



Zen works as a professional gardener at the Temple of Qlon. He is highly interested in gardening and plants, especially flowers. He does not seem to have any interest about anything else besides gardening.

When the young master went to Qlon looking for the sword to destroy Neclord, he noticed a gardener digging extraneously next to the cave entrance. This man was, of course, Zen. When McDohl asked Zen to join the Liberation Army, he replied that he would join if the young master gave him three flower seeds: "Blue Flower Seed," "Red Flower Seed," and "Yellow Flower Seed." After the young master searched and found the seeds, he returned to Qlon and gave Zen the three seeds. Zen immediately went to Toran Castle, in which he created a small, but beautiful garden on the top of Toran Castle. 

Quote: "Not a great year for flowers. Not enough wind."
Last Words: "Someone... my flowers..."
Destiny: "The ancient Castle of Toran is still full of flowers."
Appearances: Suikoden